Property Management

JEMCO provides a full line of services tailored to property investment and property management in the greater Washington, D.C. area. We manage every stage of planning, acquisition, renovation or repair, rental and/or sale of single and multi-family rental property and commit to our clients’ success during every phase of the process. JEMCO property management limits risk and increases returns in ways that stand-alone property management, sales, and repair contractors simply cannot.

Give us a call today and have JEMCO integrate real estate into your, your company’s, or trust’s portfolio.

  • Identify markets, neighborhoods, and specific properties for real estate investment
  • Provide options for subdivision, holding, and asset protection
  • Ensure risk and potential rates of return are consistent with your goals
  • Provide possible options on purchase, matching funds, and/or financing
  • Provide turnkey renovations, property management and maintenance services

JEMCO also offers business-to-business property management services

  • Discount cleaning, weatherization, and landscaping to distressed property
  • Consult on zoning, development, and infrastructure planning
  • Regulatory and environmental inspections and audits
  • Soil retention and storm water services