About Us

JEMCO – Construction & Renovation.  JEMCO is a private, veteran-owned construction, investment, and real estate consulting company serving Maryland and greater Washington, DC.  We were founded under the ideal that hard work, honesty, and integrity must accompany effective real estate investment for sustained success.  In addition to purchasing and renovating investment property directly for our network, we provide renovation and consulting services to independent investors and property managers with this ideal in mind.

Successfully purchasing, renovating, and selling or leasing residential investment property can be fraught with pitfalls. JEMCO brings unparalleled experience and efficiency to investing with an integrated process that maximizes cash-on-cash return for its investors. Partnering or investing with us, you can rest assured that the return on your DC investment property is maximized and equity protected.

JEMCO is more than a company, it’s a company amplified by a network of consultants, investors, contractors, and tradesman that bring quality and value to the construction and real estate industries.

For more information about our founder and CEO, see http://johnosick.lnf.com/